Should Cavities on Milk Teeth be treated?

There are people that consider that the cavities on milk teeth shouldn’t be treated, after all, they are gonna end up falling anyway.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Milk teeth should be treated because they could give way to infection, fall before their time and create further problems. Besides, bacteria that are inside the cavities can also affect the definitive teeth creating cavities in these as well.

  • When you spot a cavity on a milk tooth, ask for a dentist appointment immediately.
  • The presence of cavities on milk teeth indicates that something is wrong and measures must be taken.
  • The Dentist, besides treating the milk tooth, will advice you with preventive measures according to your child’s age to avoid new cavities.
  • Never forget that the best guarantee for your child to have a healthy permanent dentition, is that the milk teeth are being kept healthy as well.

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