Endodontics is the procedure used by dentist to eliminate the pulp of the tooth and seal the root canal. The pulp is the innermost part of the tooth and its formed by a soft tissue that holds the nerve endings and the blood vessels and it’s found on the pulp chamber. The root canals are those on the inner part of the teeth’s roots.

The most frequent cause of infection, inflammation and pulp necrosis, it’s the existence of cavities, even though there are other factors like: Trauma and abrasion, erosion and wear of the teeth by the friction between them.

On the procedure of Endodontics it’s necessary to anesthetize the area where it will be performed. After this a breaching of the crown of the tooth is made to gain access to the pulp and extract it, then carry on with the cleaning procedure on the root canal before making the obturation and sealing of the chamber and the crown with specific materials. At the conclussion of the procedure, the tooth will be virtually desensitized and isolated from any other part of the organism.

Further checking would be necessary to verify the effectiveness and the evolution of the endodontics.