Fixed or Removable Dental Prosthetic, it’s the available option to replace individual teeth or its entirety, that are fundamentally lost by untreated cavities, that end up destroying the tooth. By degeneration or structural atrophy of the bone that holds them, Periodontal disease or trauma.

FIXED DENTAL PROSTHETIC are made by previous implants installation on the maxilla where afterwards the new teeth are screwed or fixed, recovering all normal dental functions, another type of fix prosthetic are covers and bridges.

REMOVABLE PROSTHETIC are anchored to the remnant teeth, or in the case of total loss of the teeth, it’s anchored to the gums, which allow to return chewing functionality and aesthetic. Removable prosthetic can also go over different implants, which make fixation total and displacement is avoided.

this dental prosthetic is designed and tailored to the characteristics and physical needs of each person, given that it must perfectly adapt to the tissues and the maxilla shape in which are supported.